The Not So FAQs

Who are you?

I'm a work-at-home artist and mother of two with a penchant for all things spiritual - I especially enjoy studying mythology, philosophy, and psychology. I am fortunate to have found my soul mate and, together with our munchkins, we strive to live simply and happily surrounded by nature in Upstate, New York.

On Names

My name is Lisa. Over the years I've gone by a couple of names on Panthea - Grian and Lee. One is obviously short for Lisa while the other one is a spiritual name I took as a web alias for a time. I've been trying to simplify these days (and just be me) so Lisa will do. You may see me commenting around the web as Lisa@Panthea.

What's this blog all about?

Spirituality is a unique experience for everyone. Panthea is about mine.

There may be times when I post about news and such, but I don't claim to be a reporter of any kind. For great Earth-based/Goddess news you can check out the Wild Hunt. At Panthea you will mostly find my personal opinions and experiences of the Goddess. This could consist of my Goddessy musings, my personal theology, and my thoughts on life in general. Oh, and I am something of a mythology student. I love everything about it, so will often post about the things I'm learning about here.

I'm thrilled when others find something here worth talking and thinking about and I love hearing about the personal spirituality and experiences of others. I believe this is how we learn best about ourselves and connect with each other as individuals that are all part of a greater whole. While I call that whole the Goddess, you may call it something different. That's completely okay. You can call me Bob, but I'm still me.

Who is The Goddess? 

The Goddess is the living force of nature, viewed as a single tri-form entity that has been imagined as many regional, cultural, and personal deities since the beginning of humanity. She is all things in existence and the void from which all things are born.

The Goddess has no political agenda and while the Goddess may be imagined as female, she is beyond all dualities including gender. Gender itself (which is not the same as an individual's sex) is a construct of culture with the only purpose of creating distinctions based on differences. The Goddess comes to restore humanity to connection, not to continue our separation.

The Goddess is love; unconditional, unashamed, honest, pure Love. She is not selfish sex or contrived ideas of romance. Her love is not based on attachment but is true and unafraid. She is all love - real love that has no constraints, no limits. Love is the blood in our veins, the air in our lungs, and the magic in our hearts. We are Goddess. We are Love.  

You've Mentioned Something Called Theanism in a Few Posts. What's That?

I've been studying the Goddess and spirituality in general for almost 20 years. What I found was that the more I studied the Goddess, the closer I came to the teachings of the Buddha. I thought this was strange at first, but a friend recently introduced me to this apparently common joke: "What do you call a 4th degree Wiccan? A Buddhist." So I guess it's not as strange as I thought. If the Goddess and the Buddha had a spiritual love child, what I call Theanism would be that child.

Theanism is a practice that utilizes Goddess mythology and the mindfulness teachings of the Buddha to promote inner peace. The main purpose of Theanism is to realize that in order to end the cycle of suffering, we must first begin with ourselves. We must, in the ways of true Tantra (Vajrayana Buddhism) recognize ourselves and everyone else as divine. By loving ourselves unconditionally, and understanding the concept of Oneness, we can cultivate that love for others and begin to make a difference in our world. "The moment you see how important it is to love yourself, you will stop making others suffer." - Thich Nhat Hanh

See also: Goddess Movement, Contemporary Paganism, Vajrayana Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Zen, True Tantra

You Write a lot About Love, Sex, and Relationships. How come?

Simple. Because I believe in love. I also believe being in a love relationship that is spiritual and full of connection is what you could call a short cut towards more enlightened states of mind and spirit. While I write about love and relationships from a Hetero-normative perspective, I am in no way saying that is the only relationship where love can or does exist. I simply don't have the wisdom or experience to write from any other perspective than my own.

I'm also deeply interested and distressed by the current state of affairs between the sexes and seek to speak out against male violence against women and other forms of misogyny. I am not interested in man-hating or creating an imbalanced matriarchy out of the Patriarchy. (A matriarchy is not the opposite of a patriarchy in the sense that women would then overpower and oppress men. It is opposite because a patriarchy is all about the acquisition of power at the expense of others and the oppression of anyone who is deemed weaker. A matriarchy is about equality, cooperation, and partnership.) I am a pro-sex (anti-porn/sex industry/exploitation) rad-feminist/humanist who feels the Patriarchy is bad for men and women both and who hopes to one day know a world of true equality and social justice. (Identifying as feminist since 2012. Posts dated prior to this may be missing some feminist ideology and are considered examples of my outdated thinking and evidence of my subsequent growth.)

Gender is a made up concept, much like religion. There are many people out there who consider themselves spiritual but don't become wrapped up in literal interpretations and dogma. I think we should try to approach the concept of gender in a similar way.

Wow, you didn't post for like a year. WTF?

Yeah, life sucks like that sometimes. To sum up a very long story, there was some heartbreak and divorce and then some falling in love with my soul mate, getting married again, having another kid... blah blah blah. Life is blissfully normal and stable these days so Panthea has come back to life.

What does Panthea mean?

Panthea is a Greek term meaning All-Goddess or "All Things are Goddess".

As the personification of the "complete female", Isis was called "The One Who Is All", Isis Panthea ("Isis the All Goddess"), and the "Lady of Ten Thousand Names".

If there is anything else you're curious about please ask.

♥ Lisa


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