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Dear Goddess

This is a writing prompt meant to encourage communication with yourself and overall self awareness through letters to the Goddess.

Your letters can be as simple or elaborate as you like. You might choose to writing a long and thoughtful entry or simply write a list of things you're grateful for. For a little inspiration, see an excerpt from my first Dear Goddess entry below.
"Thank you for another opportunity to be a mother. For new life and poopy diapers and spit up. For lullabies and sleepless nights and hours of nursing. Thank you for baby laughs and big sister smiles and the endless amounts of joy my children have brought to me and the world."

Thou Art Goddess Thursday

This idea was a life changing one for me, and it changed the tone of this blog as well. See the post Everything's Coming up Goddess for all the background info and examples you need to create your own "Thou Art Goddess Thursday" posts.

There are many ways to celebrate Thou Art Goddess Thursday. I have posted my first ever T.A.G. Thurs. post below. More examples follow and will be added as I find them. Also check the comments of this post.

I think the key to getting the most out of this one way (below) is to make your posts open and honest and not too edited. Just let it all out (your gripes, your thankfullness, your love, your pain) and remember it's all Goddess.
The cigarette - potentially deadly; toxic, billowing spirals of smoke around my head like "my own locomotive" as Billy Collins said - this is Goddess. The grocery store clerk who makes me want to call her a dumb ass - she is Goddess. My mother - who drives me nuts and makes me love her fiercely all at the same time - she is Goddess. My daughter - my source of giggles and faithful partner in ice cream crime - she is most definitely Goddess. The people I try not to roll my eyes at - like twenty year olds who wear jeans so low their labia are almost visible or their boyfriends with their hats spun sideways and a chunk of fake diamonds around their necks - they are Goddess. My Circle mates - they are Goddess - Goddess of much needed laughter, love, and spiritual connection. My best friend - long time support system and my journeying companion - she is very much Goddess; the Goddess of no-panties.
More Thou Art Goddess Thursday Bloggers and Their Posts...

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Mama Monday

I've seen some Goddess-specific or Pagan bloggers write posts like "Saturday Goddess Blogging" by Hecate. It's not a regular thing most of the time, but a spontaneous "Insert Day Here Goddess Blogging" sort of idea. Mama Monday is a writing prompt that basically reminds us that every Monday there is always something you could be writing about on your blog. Call it "Monday Goddess Blogging" if you like.

You could make these posts as detailed or as simple as you like. Tell a long tale of your experience with the Goddess or just type some general correspondences and background myth behind one of her faces. Maybe you could take the opportunity to learn about a Goddess you've never even heard of or delve deeper into a Goddess who has been calling to you for some time? Perhaps you might post a prayer or chant? Or maybe even write one of your own?

If anyone uses these prompts on their own blog, why not let me know? You could even share your posts on the Panthea Facebook Fanpage. Also, sometimes it's a pain to find nice images to go with all of your blog posts. So, feel free to grab the buttons that go with the corresponding prompts. Happy writing!


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