Goddess Temples

Lady Goddess, Queen Bee... Honey Faced Merope
Teach me to live with compassion and grace
Teach me to love without shame
And learn from your hiding face.
Look down on me always from the stars,
And take my soul into your sweet embrace.

Underworld Queen, Great Goddess Persephone
You are the keeper of the gates of eternity
And the compassionate Mother of the Dead.
Guide my soul to your throne,
Teach me your lessons through the seed,
And at the end of my days welcome me home.

Earth Mother, Mistress of the Grain, Great Ceres-Demeter
Endow me with your gifts
And the strength of a Mother's love.
Place your hand upon mine
That I might walk the paths where you've stepped
And learn the hidden ways of Eleusis.


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