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As I've said before, people need people. Recently, I seem to be getting more and more aware of this fact and I felt there was a need for people to reach out in a safe way. We learn and grow by our connections to others and asking questions and expressing ideas is one way that we connect and create a dialogue with each other.

I firmly believe that there are no stupid questions and that the ability to ask questions is a sign of great courage and intelligence. I've set up this little area so that anyone can ask any question they like.

Your question might be about Goddess mythology, meditation, general spiritual practices, ritual observances, following your bliss, shadow work, or just life in general. Maybe you've recently come out of a rocky relationship and are having trouble letting go. What kind of wisdom might we uncover together to help you overcome that loss?

Use the form below to ask or comment. (This goes straight to my inbox so your questions will not be shown on this page.) Feel free to post anonymously, with a pseudonym, or as yourself and remember that you are never alone. Questions may be answered in future posts. Subscribe to the feed or follow Panthea on Facebook to stay connected.

NOTE: If you don't want to share your email address, simply put in the email field. I understand the value of anonymity and don't want you to share anything that you don't want to. Please specify if you would prefer your topic not be discussed on the pages of Panthea.

♥ Lisa


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