Called by the Goose

For about the last 6-7 years or so, I've been enamored with water foul, especially geese. Most people think geese are aggressive, mean-spirited creatures. I've never seen them that way and, as the years have gone on, they've brought strong emotional reactions to the surface whenever I see them.

I often feel full of joy and a gratitude for life when I see them all hanging out together, their grey and downy babies wobbling at their sides. The other day I witnessed a graceful adult goose get hit by a car on a busy road near where I live. Seeing the beautiful animal lying on the ground, honking and confused, with its faithful gaggle watching from the sidelines, immediately brought me to tears.

In a most dramatic (and perhaps silly sounding) sense I felt almost like Jim Morrison who, as a child, witnessed a car crash that took the life of a Native American man. Jim lived the rest of his days believing that the man's spirit somehow blended with his. At that moment yesterday, I felt something similar and hope that I can carry the soul of that wounded goose with strength.

So after years of watching and admiring the goose from afar, I decided it was time to accept that this bird was a totem of mine and look up what that meant. What I found seemed meaningful if not full of synchronicity.

"If Goose has flown across your path;

You are being reminded that we often take on the quests of our peers and family without stepping back and discerning whether or not this is something that we ourselves would wish to pursue. Make sure that the path you are currently following is your own and look deeply into your heart to ascertain that the choice is yours and not what someone else has wished upon you.
Alternatively  the quest you are currently on is about to take an abrupt change of course. Know that this is only a temporary thing and that you will soon be back on your chosen path.

If Goose is your Animal Totem;

You are kind, loyal and brave. Family and friends is a high priority for you. You are a clear communicator and a compassionate member of your community. Your focus is always on the community and family as a whole unit and make your decisions (often with self sacrifice) based on what is best for all. You have an innate belief that there is just one special person in the world for each of us and make a devoted and tentative spouse. You are good at setting your boundaries and aggressive at keeping them in place. Your greatest desire is to manifest the “good life” for your family and community. You know how to tap into the Universal Mind to find the destiny and directions of individuals and then relay the stories they need to activate their process of destiny manifestation."
And did you know that geese are monogamous pair-bonders? Like many other birds, they often mate for life and are quite loyal to each other. Strange that the goose began trying to get my attention as I was moving into a new love and a new way of looking at relationships. An entirely new paradigm is what's followed. Hmm...   

Brightest blessing of the goose and happy summer.


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