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How Dare We Question the Porn Gods?

According to an article published by Candice Holdorf on elephant journal a while back
, people who question pornography are sexual naysayers. Hmm... funny I think people who advocate pornography are sexual naysayers. I was with her up until the defense of porn, sexual naysayer statement. In fact, the title of the article actual made me momentarily hopeful that I wasn't yet again going to read an article laced with patriarchal sewage. Ironically, she plans to donate a percentage of upcoming book sales to an anti-trafficking charity. 

Anyway, I love sex. It is perhaps the most sacred experience humanity was gifted with. Our sexuality is our humanity, our life force, our beautiful radiant soul, our connection to consciousness. And, as a slightly more awake than average human (toot, toot), I resent the idea that degrading, separatist pornography should represent my beautiful, precious, awesome, and innocent humanity.

Porn continues to fuel repression, not relieve it. It doesn't give an accurate depiction of innate (not learned) human sexuality - only continues to replay the same old tired patriarchal, repressed script of disordered desire and blatant misogyny. It gives us one version of what sex can be, not what it was really meant to be or even the way it's most soulful and healing. But thanks to our cultural standards regarding sexuality, many of us have a hard time imagining sex any other way.

Pornography not only enslaves the viewer but also perpetuates heinous victimization of real human beings by preying on the sexually abused and the economically less fortunate. It's a transient, empty experience that only helps us stay separate from each other. Which, ya know, is fine if you're not a big fan of the whole "oneness" thing. However, it's pretty hard to escape.

And lets not derail these arguments with twisted comments about moralization or judging people for how they deal with the bull shit of their lives. Life sucks, we reach out, sometimes we grab hold of the quickest feel-good thing around, we learn lessons, or we don't. We're still human and deserving of compassion. Judgment is irrelevant.

What's clear is that porn doesn't save anyone. It doesn't fix marriages or give people a ticket to leave sexual repression behind. Big Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that eats people whole and drags human souls through offal infested pits of vapid gratification. It does cause addiction, it does ruin marriages, it does cause people to see women as less than human, it does scar the impressionable minds of children. These are indisputable facts that can not be ignored simply because someone wants to get their wank on. Whether or not we can truly blame pornography or a culture that continues to provide a demand for it is not the point. I don't care about blame. I care about humanity. It's clear that porn does more harm than anything else and should be viewed critically instead of eagerly consumed.

Question for the Dalai Lama: “What’s the most important meditation we can do now?”

Answer: “Critical thinking, followed by action. Discern what your world is. Know the plot, the scenario of this human drama. And then figure out where your talents might fit in to make a better world.”


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