Reclaiming Sacredness and Innocence

We are raised in a world that distorts our naturally healthy and sacred sexuality and ties it to eroticized dominance, power struggles, and lack of self worth. This elaborate and complicated lie continually fuels our separation from one another by shaping our beliefs. In turn, our beliefs shape our sense of self through our thoughts and actions.

There can be no love where there is no truth. There can be no intimacy if we don't even know what intimacy looks like. There can be no happiness if we have no respect for our sacred selves. We must open our eyes and reveal the truth of our amazing and pure human nature. The time has come to stand upon the Earth and feel her truth pulsing into the souls of your feet. Somewhere, deep down, you can feel the truth. You know that something is gravely wrong.

We must take back our life force, our innocent and powerful human essence, our connection to Nature, our capacity for love and intimacy, and our creative potential. This is what our sexuality is. This is what we truly are. Within innocence and understanding we find the only true path to freedom.

We must recondition our erotic love responses toward mutuality, respect, unconditional love, and deep intimacy. It can be done. It's doable because I've done it. And I've never been happier, more whole, or more in love with my beautiful human self.

The process isn't easy, but it is by far the thing that is most worth doing in your life and perhaps the greatest way to truly love yourself. Take a chance, let yourself be a little uncomfortable, ask the deep questions, be honest with yourself. Be brave for love. Be strong for you. And reclaim your sacred humanity.


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