Women: Show it for Sex or Money. But That's All!

For those of you who don't follow Panthea on Facebook, I want to post this here as well.

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In reference to this story here.

Seriously? The fact that this is at all news makes me want to scream. Second... women should not be objectified period - no matter if they're pregnant or not. BUT! The fact that anyone feels a pregnant woman should cover up (or try not to b
e *too* sexy - whatever that means) but it's okay for women who are 5'10" and 115 lbs with huge breasts to be flaunted all over magazines, billboards, the mall, etc. baffles my mind.

So a woman who is seen as purely a sex object is acceptable but a woman who is seen to own her power as a mother (as a woman!) is not? This goes right back to the public breast feeding debate. People are fine with women flaunting themselves and shaking it for sexual reasons but using their bodies for what they were actually intended is threatening.

It's about power ladies! So long as we remain sex objects we are just things for someone to covet, possess, and control! We give someone else the power when we believe our bodies (and our spirits for that matter) are only intended to entice and excite. Your value is not in your sex appeal - especially not the manufactured, mass produced, vapid, void of love, Victoria's Secret kind that only 5% of the female population could even possibly live up to.

The Goddess is calling on all of us as individuals to wake up. So long as woman is the property of our mass delusions of sexuality SHE can never be fully realized. And She is beckoning us to see Her face in ours, see Her love within us, to see ourselves as whole women - as Goddess! Hear the call and be truly free.


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