The Year of the Paradigm Shift

While it's not yet over, and I'm eager to see how it comes to close, 2012 has been a huge year of realization for me. I'm calling it the year of the paradigm shift. Perhaps this is what the Mayans were talking about in their grand prophecy about an end to the world as we know it and a shift in consciousness. Or maybe it's just me getting older.

This journey of life is a constant one with ups, downs, and more subtle plateaus. But for now, I'm at a place that feels like I have a better understanding of things. It probably sounds kind of vague, but I have to imagine if you've been a spiritual seeker though life, that you know what I mean. We all tend to face little crises of faith every now and then which inevitably makes us stronger, better, and more clear as we come out the other side. Though these times are often painful or dark, we are then reborn with our eyes more wide open.

I think these sometimes painful shifts in thought are usually the result of what some call "shadow work". Though we may not know that's what we're doing at the time, they seem to always be brought on by a form of inner turmoil; perhaps issues we've fooled ourselves into thinking we've already made peace with that have actually just taken firmer root within and been hidden away by the ways we pacify ourselves in the material world. The Goddess within has her own plan to lead us towards happiness and genuine inner peace - not just cheap substitutes for it. And sometimes that means we have to struggle to listen to her voice. 

So as this year winds down, I'm at a place where my own suffering has lessened and my eyes are now more open to the suffering of others. This is the first step of course. Love your true self - the essence of which is divine, pure love - and your heart grows so that you have more room within to love others. That selfless mindset in which we live in the most conscious, ego-free way possible, is what leads to true happiness. But this is not about morals or right and wrong. It's only a question of realizing what leads to happiness and what leads to suffering.  Define that and be responsible to it - striving for the happiness and love that all human beings desire within their spirits, and there is no need for dogma.

I have vowed to do my best not to contribute to the suffering of others by breaking free of habits and social conventions that perpetuate it. I will no longer go with the crowd and turn a blind eye to the consequences of mass unconsciousness. Or at least I will do my best. After all, even the Dalai Lama gets angry sometimes. ;)

I am grateful for all the turmoil that led to my eyes and heart being more open. I know more peace and love than ever before.

Happy holidays and a Blessed New Year.


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