Values of the Goddess

June is Pagan values month in the blogosphere. After giving this post some thought I realized that the topic of values could be extremely broad and grey in nature. So, I decided that the best way to organize my thoughts was to turn to the values I believe are taught to us by the Goddess as a living force of nature.

The Maiden: Freedom and Non-Judgment
Perhaps being truly free means to let go of guilt, fears, and self-judgment. Know yourself, love yourself, and stop judging yourself. You are good, you are worthy, and you are divine. Once we stop judging ourselves, we can stop imagining that we are being judged by others and we can stop judging everyone else. This leads to an acute sense of personal responsibility that in turn leads to freedom from materialism, unhealthy levels of vanity, and greed that can ultimately harm ourselves, our society, and our planet.

The Mother: Love and Connection
Once we’re free, our lives are released to celebration, connection with others, and the Goddess’s sacred pleasures. The Goddess teaches us to love others the way a healthy mother loves her children. She tells us that pleasure is good and sacred, that sexuality is natural and not dirty, and that love is the greatest force in all existence. Through our connection with others we can continue our personal journey of self awareness by understanding our place in our relationships and how those relationships impact us and others. Imagine if everyone treated their loved ones with kindness and compassion. Making your own "little world" a happy place contributes to the betterment of the entire universe.

The Crone: Wisdom and Experience
Now that we’re free and our lives are full of love, we have the peace and openness required to listen to our inner voice and the courage to truly embrace the wisdom of the Goddess. We acknowledge our connection to nature, the inherent oneness of all things, and the eternal cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth that we all exist in. To say we know these things is different from feeling them in your soul. With this wisdom, our journey may become one of teaching as we continue to become more self aware and gain confidence in ourselves and in our beliefs.

It is my strong and long held belief that this is what the Goddess, again as a living force of nature, has always been able to teach humanity. Through the cycles of life, of sun and earth, and of the moon, she whispers these lessons to us. All we have to do is listen carefully to hear her.

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