Printable Homemade Spirit Board

When I was younger, and first learning about occult-related things, I remember hearing that a Ouija board was more powerful if you made it by hand. I've created a quick way that you can make your own Spirit Board (aka Ouija Board) at home with some simple supplies and little bit of time. Read more below for the free printable file and super simple directions.

  • Piece of sturdy cardboard - I used what was left of a watercolor block. It's very thick board. You could alternately use a piece of wood. I painted mine with a whitewash but you could finish yours any way you like.
  • Inkjet sticker paper - I used clear decal paper as seen here because I wanted the painted texture of the board to show through the text.
  • Shot glass, tea lite holder, or other glass vessel to use as a planchette. I used a Sharpie to make a circle on the bottom of my tea lite holder so that each letter or number was highlighted better when using the board.
  • This file, especially created by yours truly for this particular project.
  1. Paint and/or finish your board however you choose. 
  2. Print out the file onto your sticker paper. 
  3. Fix sticker to the board.
  4. Enjoy.
Download the printable file for free here.

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