Life in Not So Many Words

I'm sort of going through some things lately. I'll probably be taking more of a break in between posts than usual. Just promise not to give up on me. Again, I always come back... bouncing all the way.

Does Kirk Cameron Read Panthea?

Hey guys. Look at this comment I got today from an older post of mine entitled Know Thyself. Notice the little bit about The Way of the Master which is not once mentioned in the post itself. Maybe Kirk or his buddy Ray Comfort were doing a little search on their show and my blog came up. Why do you suppose this person prefers to remain anonymous?
Anonymous said...

Lee: According to Proverbs 18;2
"A fool has no delight in understanding except that her heart may discover itself". You can spend your whole life on a journey of self discovery and wind up in hell. Not becasue you haven't believed in Jesus but becasue you have sinned against a Holy, just and rightous God who WILL hold each of us accountible for "every idle word". Sin is simply the violation of God's law laid out in the Ten Commandments. If you are honest with yourself you have to admit that you have violated the whole of God's Law. Repent of your sin adn turn to him before it's too late. No one is promised tomorrow. I am glad you are watching The Way of the Master. May God use it to open yours eyes to His Truth.
I'm going to address this with a few simple words. First, I believe in the Goddess who is the Lady of Life. She carries the kind of love that all healthy mothers do for their children - for all of creation. Her lessons are very different from those of your just and righteous god of the bible. I don't believe in the bible. I don't believe in sin. I believe most (not all) of the ten commandments are obsolete and only served to control a less enlightened culture. I don't believe in your god. Your conversion tactics are wasted on me. I can only hope that the Mother calls out to you and enters your heart so that you may see real truth and freedom through the divine inspiration of her lessons. I mean no disrespect but wish you a journey full of open eyes and mystical experiences.

Just to Dance

Just some random thoughts that ran through my head in the form of poetry. Yes, I actually do think in verse. Anyway, I'm looking towards Ma Kali to decapitate this melancholy I seem to be stuck in lately. Here's to a future containing a spontaneous series of up-notes.

Branches break against gale force
Yet the maples dance with subtle grace.

Ripped from limb to limb
They continue to move in rhythm.

Am I like the tree;
Destroying myself just to dance?

If so, who is the wind;
Who will be my partner in obliteration?

Is it a selfish wish to want someone to dance with?

The Frosts and Hymens

I wandered over to The Frost's new blog and posted a comment on their post "Frost and Sex - Intacta" Go here to see the full post. My comments are below.

Comment One:
A hymen is never "intact". In fact it shouldn't be. Of course hymens vary in thickness, size of opening, etc - but there should always be an opening.

It is commonplace for a doctor to make sure an infant female has an open hymen. If the opening does not occur a physician may be employed to fix this before school age. Young girls begin to menstruate as early as 9 years old. Blood needs to be able to pass.

So, to say that the hymen is closed before first intercourse is completely false and rather ignorant.

Let's face it. In this day and age young girls use tampons, masturbate, get pelvic exams, etc. The hymen is rather irrelevant. An empowered, modern woman would hopefully be raised aware or her anatomy and be ready for the happenings of first intercourse. I didn't bleed a bit and over half of the young female population won't either.

Times have changed. I would say it's uncommon to be given a prudish upbringing. Sex education and a new generation of parents ready to give their kids "the talk" has increased awareness and empowered young females about their bodies. There is still some work to do but surgically removing hymens is not the answer. In fact, it's down right unnatural.

Of course I speak from an American point of view. Some parts of the rest of the world have much more work to do before women can be sexually liberated.

Comment Two:
And I'm sorry - did you say "acceptable guidelines"? What does that mean exactly? Should all Pagans subscribe to the beliefs that would be in these "guidelines"?

I would have to say that I would be completely against any practice like this for my daughter. My opinion is that the only guideline Pagans need is nature. The tearing, rupturing, etc. of the hymen is part of a natural process.

Birth is a bloody process too. Should we find some way to make that more pleasurable? Some women don't lose their hymens completely until they give birth. Should we do something about that too. Come on now.


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