Satisfaction Saturday

I woke up this morning ridiculously thirsty. That was most likely due to the fact that I had a few glasses of wine with great friends last night. Anyway, as I poured water into my dog's bowl I thought about how amazing it was that water ran right out of the tap - that with a twist of the wrist pure, beautiful water poured into our homes. We are so unbelievably fortunate. We never have to go thirsty.

How many people in this world don't have water to drink and if they do it's full of bacteria? They have to go without or only drink a little to survive where as we can simply gorge ourselves on the cool, sweet water that pours into our homes like liquid life.

I didn't choose water for my first beverage today. I chose a glass full of orange juice. Not that tiny little juice glass they give you at restaurants - a big giant pint glass. And again I found myself contemplating how amazing it was that I could have such a large amount of that juice. I drank it down gratefully and quickly, quenching my thirst like a woman who's been sitting in the blazing sun of the desert.

How many people have never tasted orange juice? How many people have never eaten an orange or an apple? I could go to the grocery store right now and buy the juice of pomegranates. How many people can't do that? Actually I could suck down all that OJ right now and go buy more to replace it. How many people have to cherish every precious sip of juice or water? How many people are afraid of it running out? How many are terrified of going thirsty?

I sit here now with my pint glass full of water and consciously realize how grateful I am to have it. When I am overwhelmed with thirst first thing in the morning I don't have to go without. I don't have to thirst. I can walk to the sink and pour myself a cool glass of water.

Did you ever notice that water out of the bathroom sink tastes better? Maybe it's just me.


I think I’m bored. No, restless is a better word. Do you ever just want to scream at the computer screen “Wow me! Move me! Give me something!”? Well, that’s how I feel tonight.

I click on the same links again and again just hoping that this time there will be something fantastic to see. It amazes me that the internet is so vast yet I have very narrow lenses with which to look at it with. Maybe I have too much time to look. This is not the norm for me, but lately I feel the need to do something mindless as opposed to working at the computer. I guess that’s my escape strategy.

So, I am asking you, my friends and fellow web-junkies, to gift me with some of your favorite links or simply give me some insight into what you do on the net. Where do you go to be wowed and moved? What places on the web evoke your passion or tickle you mind?

If you don’t have a link to share take a moment to have some pity on a poor girl with no virtual friends.

Dancing Under the Moon

I danced under the Maiden moon tonight, spinning like a child beneath the branches of the old cottonwoods. I hummed a song I know... Aphrodite, Iris, Artemis, Persphone, Danu, Demeter, Hera, Isis, Selu, Morrigan, Hecate, Cerridwyn, Kali-Ma... and I let the Goddess speak.

I heard her voice moving on the wind, in the cricket song, and in the beating of my own heart. The trees danced with me in an ancient rhythm only some feel and an ancient tune only some hear.

I resisted the urge to run through the meadow and into the circle in the back. I don't know why. Maybe the old cherry tree knows. I should ask her the next time I sit with her. I'm sure she has more answers than I do.

Or maybe the snakes that slither among the tall blades of grass and giant thistle know something I don't. Or perhaps one of the other animals knows. The deer, the groundhog, the chipmunks, the skunks, the hawks... maybe they can tell me.

Hopefully I can be a good listener.

More Doll Pictures

Okay, so I'm a little out of hand with this doll thing. LOL. Anyway, I opened all their eyes and I'd love to know which you all like better if you've got a minute. See the post below for the eyes closed faces. Thanks everybody!

Oh, there's also a new one - Hera. She's not complete yet though. She needs a peacock feather in her hair.

Long Time No Post

Yeah, so I sort of disappeared for a while. Sorry about that. I'm feeling very blah lately and I'm just plain not that motivated to blog. I hope you guys haven't lost faith in me. Sometimes I just need to retreat into myself - into my home and space.

I have been creating a bit lately. I've been making Goddess dolls and painting a little. There are some pics below. (In order: Ameterasu, Blodeuwedd, Brigid, Oshun, Shakti) I have lots of plans for those little dolls and paintings inspired by them. Now I just need some more of that motivation I've been lacking lately.

Anyway, let me know what you all think about the dolls if you get the chance. Feed the artist! :) I have a design ready for baby-safe Goddess dolls too with rattles inside of them. I think they'll be adorable. Thanks for being patient with me while I hibernate. I can feel the cloud lifting so I think you'll be hearing more from me soon.

Blogger Reflection Award

Turtleheart over at Turtleheart Cove has nominated me for a Blogger Reflection Award. Thank you so much Turtleheart. I really appreciate this honor. I gather that the point now is to pick some blogs that make me think and reflect as well.

I am inspired by many individuals and many ways of thought. It was hard to only pick 5. I love each of these people for different reasons but especially for their very strong sense of self and the honesty with which they portray that.

Terri, Billy, Hecate, Sojourner, Athana


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