What We Share

The more I think about this organization thing, the more I have to wonder how we will be organized since there are so many differing traditions to organize. So, in lieu of this conundrum I would like to pose some questions to find out what we share in terms of our beliefs and opinions.

Since there is no official document or doctrine that defines us as Goddess people (unless you believe there is - in which case please tell us!) let's ponder what one would include. If the Goddess came down from some obscure mountain and spoke to us what would she say? Or, for those scholarly folks, what do you believe has been taught to us by the many legends of the Goddess. What should we already know according to the tales of Innana, Isis, Brigit, Cerridwyn, Pomona, Athena, Persephone/Demeter/Hecate, etc.? What are the things that you live by as people of the Great Goddess?

I think it would be very interesting to see how we compare to each other - how we differ and how we are so very similar. I look forward to some quality discussion, and if no one answers then I will simply spit out my own answers to these questions which would not be nearly as interesting.

Note: It would be lovely to see these lessons/ways to live by in the voice of the Goddess herself. So, when writing them why not use the first person so we can gain the full effect of your divine insights?

Time For Change

I was thinking recently that the reason Goddess Religion/Paganism/etc. is so misconceived and under populated is that there is a lack of people telling other people about it. Many traditions feel a need for secrecy that I no longer understand. Before we get too far in this I would like to make clear that I believe there is a difference between proselytizing and educating. I do have to wonder, however, that if we had been proselytizing for the last few centuries the world might be a whole lot different.

Many of us tend to complain about the state of the world and various political issues without doing too much to make a difference. Political avenues seem to be the only ones people are willing to walk down when concerning changing the world. Spirituality is pivotal when deciding how a person thinks and acts. If we could share a better understanding of our spiritual ideas perhaps people would start to think differently and the world would actually change - maybe even evolve.

Once education had spread far enough it could lead to some government funding, organized temples, becoming a voting block, etc. Isn't it time we stop hiding who we are and bickering about our differences in the back alleys of our communities? Is there anyone else out there who feels it's time to move to the next level or is it just me? I want more. I want an organized structure without corruption and a place to raise a family under the love of the Great Goddess.

My daughter asked me the other day why she has to be different. She thinks it's "cool" to be Christian because everyone in her class is. The other kids teach her Bible songs and tell her about going to church. Where are the opportunities for Goddessian people to offer those things to their children? I want a religion with top-notch, University accedited training facilities and the ability for paid clergy who can run the organization of our temples. I want the structure and influence of the 'Church' without the money hungry totalitarian rulers behind it. I want a place where the relgion of the Goddess can flourish for generations as more than just a "passing fad for militant feminists and lesbians" (this is what I believe the world thinks about us).

The time has come for change. The first thing we need to do is break free of some of the more modern labels we've taken on, most of which are slurs that were used against our ancestors millenia ago.

Quoted From Another Source:
"The word Pagan was given to the non christians by christians as an insult. It means country dweller which at the time equated to dirty, poor, uneducated idiot, now there's a name worth keeping! ... We are "pagans" because CHRISTIANS say we are!"

Am I barking mad up the entirely wrong tree? I'm willing to admit it's possible and I'm even more willing to hear alternative solutions.

Always in Her Service,


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